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About Us
Jackson Intellectual Property Group PLLC provides a wide range of intellectual property services. We handle patent and trademark matters with a specialization in providing dependable and cost-effective IP solutions for international patent and trademark firms. We are uniquely suited to serve the needs of international clients through the provision of:

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Experienced Professionals:
  The Group includes knowledgeable and accomplished attorneys and agents skilled in an array of technical and legal areas. Our IP attorneys and patent agents have extensive experience at several of the top IP law firms where they have served clients ranging from small inventors to large corporate clients (e.g., Micron, ASM America, Callaway Golf, Amgen, and Genentech).

High Value Services:
  Our efficient firm structure ensures that fees go toward providing high quality services and not unnecessary overhead providing no client benefit. Our structure allows us to offer services individually tailored to each client based on their unique needs.

Timely Client Communication and Reporting:
  We understand that effective and efficient long distance business, particularly between international firms, requires prompt confirmation and reply to all communications. We always respond quickly to client emails, normally within one business day.
Prompt Case Turnaround:
  We offer fast filing of papers in the USPTO. We focus on providing quick and high-quality service to our clients.

Flat Fees:
  We offer a flat fee structure to assist foreign firms with providing estimates to their clients.

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